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a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving other nonprofits, socially responsible businesses and Giving Americans with vetted tools, knowledge, coaching, strategy, implementation and concierge support to maximize efficiency, increase fundraising and expand impact

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In 2020, our Give Back Nation Team, Affiliates and Business Partners served, supported and helped to give back over $302 million to over 540 nonprofits across the country. 

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Increasing Efficiency, Fundraising and Impact

Give Back Nation serves Nonprofits

Serving Nonprofits

Forward-thinking nonprofits receive hands–on coaching, strategy, implementation and customizable access and support to vetted technology, resources, fundraising tools, concierge services and more.

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Give Back Nation serves Businesses

Serving Businesses

Businesses looking to maximize corporate social responsibility receive coaching, strategy and support to efficiently and effectively impact their communities, workplace culture and branding.

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Give Back Nation serves Giving Americans

Serving Giving Americans

Giving individuals, groups, associations and more leverage vetted fundraising tools, extensive knowledge and best practices to maximize impact to the causes and communities they care about.

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Since 2016, I have had the pleasure of working with and utilizing Give Back Nation’s dynamic capabilities with two different nonprofit organizations. The personal customer service of Give Back Nation is superior including its admin, management and strategy support to maximize impact.

Phillip Deal, Director of Major and Capital Gifts, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida

A Few Organizations and Initiatives We Serve and Support

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A few Selected Turnkey Tools And Solutions

GBN Membership

Unlimited Cost-Effective Coaching, Feedback & Support

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Give Back Nation Opportunities Assessment

Opportunities Assessment

Learn Where Opportunities Exist To Increase Efficiency, Fundraising & Impact

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Give Back Nation GivingPortal Icon

Giving Portal

Online Donations, Text Giving & Event Registrations

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Grant writing support for nonprofits

Grant Writing

Grant Readiness Assessments, Grant Research & Grant Writing

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Fundraising Auctions

Virtual & On-Site Auction Management

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Give Back Nation CrowdGiving Icon

Crowd Giving

Peer-to-Peer Virtual Fundraising & Event Management

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Leveraging Give Back Nation's knowledge, resources, tools and coaching has helped increase fundraising, organization and data gathering for our annual community event five years in a row."

Jason Turoff, President of SRX Source and Founder of Fire In The Park Cook-Off To Cure

Give Back Nation Membership

Unlimited coaching, strategy, feedback and support for increased efficiency, fundraising and impact.

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Trusted, Vetted and Selected Expert Sourcing Partners

The Give Back Nation Blog

Knowledge. Insights. Inspiration.

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The concierge support and coaching provided by Give Back Nation is invaluable to any nonprofit of any size who are looking to increase fundraising and efficiency."

Vickie Martin, Executive Director, Christian Help

Give Back Nation's coaching, implementation and support has been great. With their many capabilities, vetted tools and turnkey programs, we can rely on GBN for help when needed."

Johann Besserer, Founder & Executive Director, Intercultural Outreach Initiative

As a 501c3 nonprofit, Give Back Nation's sole purpose is to expand the impact of giving by serving other nonprofits, socially responsible businesses and Giving Americans with tools, knowledge, coaching and strategy. Therefore, Give Back Nation does not accept direct donations.