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Give Back Nation Website Assessment

Give Back Nation Website Assessment

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Developed for nonprofits looking to increase impact.

This cost-effective assessment provides insights, recommendations and feedback to quickly and cost-effectively learn where key opportunities exist to help maximize your website's branding and storytelling to help increase support and expand impact. 

Using a detailed checklist and summarizing in an easy to read report outlining areas of opportunity, the assessment gauges where the most impactful areas of improvement can be found and provides ideas for next steps.

Utilize the analysis to zero-in on opportunities and implement appropriate enhancements to help maximize your fundraising ecosystem.


the fundraising ecosystemeverything needed, working in harmony, to efficiently and effectively raise funds to thrive, not just survive (branding, storytelling, tools, engagement, strategy, events, staffing, board alignment, data management, etc.) 

Assessment Includes:

  • Analysis Of Your Website
  • Detailed Report Outlining Areas Of Opportunity
  • Coaching, Strategy & Vetted Solutions For Next Steps
  • 7-14 Day Turnaround