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The Give@Work Program

Give Back Nation Give@Work Program

The Turnkey Workplace Giving Solution For Efficient & Effective Impact


Nonprofits, Businesses and Giving Americans:

  • Raise funds and awareness for the causes you care about
  • Strengthen workplace culture, increase productivity and dynamically differentiate corporate branding
  • Give Back Nation supplies the tools, coaching and choices of options for a turnkey program you control



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The Circle of Winning

Give Back Nation Circle of Winning


  • Businesses: Expose community impact for powerful cause marketing and branding, differentiation and more connected and proactive employees. 
  • Employees: Satisfaction with socially responsible company increases, leading to improved culture, productivity gains and longer employment. 
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Receive efficient and effective exposure and increased funding for their cause.



The Numbers

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Consumers want to do business with companies that care.

  • When choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, 90% of consumers are likely to switch to a cause branded product. [2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study]
  • When quality and price is equivalent, social purpose is the number one deciding factor for consumers globally. [2010 Edelman Good Purpose Survey]
  • 42% of North American consumers say they would pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. [2014 Nielsen Do Well By Doing Good Report]

Employees want to work for philanthropic companies.

  • When an employee’s work helps improve the lives of others, that worker is more productive than they would be if their job only benefited them. [2013 Adam Grant’s Bestseller Give and Take]
  • Cone Research found that 79% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company and 79% of employees think it’s important that their companies match their charitable giving.
  • Employees most committed to their organizations put in 57% more effort on the job—and are 87% less likely to resign—than employees who consider themselves disengaged. (Source: PwC "Keys to Corporate Responsibility and Employee Engagement)
  • According to the 2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study, 58% of employees consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work, and 55% would choose to work for a socially responsible company even if the salary was less.


 Give Back Nation Give@Work Causecast Statistics



How It Works

Give Back Nation Give@Work How It Works


  • An employer and its employees establishes a GBN Give@Work Program.
  • Gifts from business revenues, employee payroll deductions, community events, annual campaigns and online donations are made into the employers Give@Work Fund on a tax-deductible basis.
  • Employers and employees can select from volunteering opportunities or create volunteering events they can share while collecting content for marketing, PR and recruiting.
  • Committees can be formed to discuss employee contribution allocations, benefiting causes, disbursement timing, campaigns, volunteering opportunities and more.
  • Through a password protected dashboard, designated individuals can review, discuss and make decisions online.
  • As determined by the employer and employees, grants (disbursements) are made to support charitable organizations locally or across the country.


Funds Issued To Selected Causes
Grants made to approved causes as directed


Turnkey Implementation & Support
Fund Management Record-Keeping and Reporting Tax Documentation




Available Tools

Give Back Nation Give@Work Tools Image


Employer & Employee Giving Dashboard
Centralized control and information for your program.

Give Back Nation Causecast Dashboard



Volunteering Dashboard
Easy to schedule vetted volunteering opportunities or create your own volunteering events for sharing.

Give Back Nation Give@Work Causecast Volunteering Dashboard



Provides opportunities for dynamic on-site giving, event registrations and cause marketing exposure.

Give Back Nation Give@Work Kiosk



Text Giving & Mobile Friendly
Anyone can donate, register and raise money on any device, anytime.

Give Back Nation Text Giving Capability



Payroll Deductions
Easily deduct contributions directly from payroll.

Give Back Nation Give@Work Payroll Icon



Community Event Management
Manage, organize and implement local events.

Give Back Nation Community Event Management



Online Community Campaigns
Easily develop and implement online peer-to-peer campaigns for extended reach, branding and impact.

Give Back Nation Give@Work Online Community Campaign




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