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Text Message Engagement

Receive nonprofit text message engagement implementation, management and support


Increase Outreach & Engagement Success With 98% Open Rates


Give Back Nation's text message engagement support was developed for organizations looking to maximize donor and supporter outreach. Statistics show that, on average, outbound text messages are opened 98% of the time within the first three minutes of them being sent. In comparison to email marketing (20% open rates), direct mail (less than 2% activity) or other communication tools, the right text engagement campaign can have a dynamic impact. Utilize the feedback, recommendations, coaching, strategy and implementation needed to efficiently and effectively implement a text engagement campaign. Receive the right support you need, the first time, to maximize your fundraising ecosystem. 


the fundraising ecosystem: everything needed, working in harmony, to efficiently and effectively raise funds to thrive, not just survive (branding, storytelling, tools, engagement, strategy, events, staffing, board alignment, data management, etc.)


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