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Grant Writing

Grant Writing Support


Vetted, Turnkey Grant Writing Support For Nonprofits



  • Increase grant writing success
  • Receive grant readiness assessments, grant research and grant proposal writing support


As the national Giving and Fundraising Hub, Give Back Nation is constantly searching, vetting and selecting potential solutions with track records of success for nonprofit organizations.

Winning grants can be a significant funding source, but many organizations don't have the internal staff, backgrounds or skill sets to efficiently and effectively manage the process. 

Our vetted, trusted grant writing team and partners can provide:


1. Grant Readiness Assessments

Assessment services help assess the organizations’ readiness to compete for grants.

An organization's leadership fills out proprietary Grant Readiness Assessment forms by answering “yes” and “no” questions. The assessment gauges whether the nonprofit has developed policies and supporting documentation that are most critical to have in place when seeking grant funds. Some examples are board rosters, personnel policies, budgets, audits, and financial statements. Our team then prepares a detailed report outlining the areas in which the organization needs to improve to increase its chances for grant success. This assessment is especially beneficial for organizations who have had little or no grant winning experience.


2. Grant Research

Nonprofit resources should be invested wisely to produce the greatest return.

Before beginning a new grant application, our team does their homework to apply for grants with a good probability of success. These research strategies allow our team to stay in tune with what is happening in the grant world so we can best support organizations.

On a daily basis, our team scans current literature with an eye to new funding opportunities, deadlines, trends in philanthropy and practical tips and information to share with our clients. We have an ear to local funding opportunities and actively network with the best interests of our clients in mind. Our team also subscribes to two state of the art database search engines which are invaluable for researching funding prospects for our clients.

Our team offers a detailed funding prospect search service. We are highly skilled at matching the services provided by your organization with funders that have an expressed interest in those services and populations served. We utilize the database tools to dive deeply and look at the funders’ interests, restrictions and giving history. A comprehensive report is prepared summarizing the search results and includes key information for each prospect, including application guidelines and deadlines. Together, the report is used to develop an action plan designed to build funding support for the organization.


3. Grant Writing

Our team works closely with organizations to develop strong grant proposal concepts and gather pertinent information that is needed for each grant proposal.

Then, all information is leveraged to write outstanding grant proposals. Some organizations know of specific grant proposals they wish to compete for, but our team typically informs organizations on a regular basis about grant opportunities for which they would otherwise not be aware.


 Grant proposal writing support

Our team has worked with organizations of all budgets, sizes and focus areas.

If you are seeking grant writing assistance, we are happy to schedule a brainstorming call to learn more about your specific situation and see what opportunities might exist. 



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