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The Crowd Giving Program

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving Program

The Vetted, Turnkey Peer-To-Peer Fundraising & Event Management Solution


Nonprofits, Businesses and Giving Americans:

  • Easily create, manage and maximize virtual fundraisers, campaigns and events
  • Full setup, implementation and management options to minimize time, expedite use and maximize outcomes
  • Empower participants to quickly and easily set up individual or team fundraising pages to help you increase donations, branding, data gathering and exposure


Let Your Creativity Shine
The easy-to-use event builder helps you create a fundraiser, campaign or event that reflects your organization’s branding and cause.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving Home Page



Easily Spread The Word
Supporters can easily share your initiative and their community impact using built-in email and social plugins for Facebook and Twitter.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving Email DistributionGive Back Nation CrowdGiving Facebook PostingGive Back Nation CrowdGiving Twitter Posting



It’s Easy. It’s Unique. It’s Personal. 
Each of your participants and teams can build their own unique fundraising pages. They can upload videos, photos, write personal stories, set a goal and more.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving participant dashboard



Leverage GiftAssist
Donors want to help achieve your fundraising goals. GiftAssist lets them help by offsetting processing costs.

Gift Assist Offsets Processing Fees



Text Giving & Mobile Friendly
Anyone can donate, register and raise money on any device, anytime.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving Mobile View



Build A Store
Sell anything from t-shirts to water bottles to sponsorship packages.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving store screenshot



Complete Management
Full event registration and management capability for 5k's, Golf Tournaments, Gala's, Workplace Giving, Fundraising Competitions, etc.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving 5k screenshot



Collect Data
All data is collected and organized in your online dashboard for easy export and use.

Give Back Nation CrowdGiving Data Collection



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Turnkey Setup, Implementation & Training.


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