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About Give Back Nation

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Your Giving & Fundraising Hub

a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit



Our Mission:

To serve nonprofits, socially responsible businesses and Giving Americans with vetted tools, knowledge, coaching, strategy, implementation and concierge support to fuel collaboration, increase fundraising and maximize efficiency and effectiveness to create bigger waves of impact in communities across the country.



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Why We Serve:

We believe nonprofit organizations shouldn't need to spend extensive time or money searching for or receiving the support, solutions and guidance they need to thrive. As the one-stop Fundraising and Giving Hub, Give Back Nation is passionate about helping impactful causes streamline, elevate and expand their initiatives to create bigger waves of impact in communities across the country.


Who We Serve:

From 2006, Give Back Nation has served, supported and worked with thousands of nonprofits across the country and beyond ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar hospitals and universities. We also serve socially responsible businesses and Giving Americans looking to make an impact in their communities. 


How We Serve:

Tools - Knowledge - Coaching - Strategy - Implementation

Vetted Tools - Each year, Give Back Nation invests hundreds of hours vetting, researching and testing technology and resources to find the most dynamic, capable and complete solutions so organizations can quickly and effectively select the right solutions they need, the first time, for long-term success and impact.


Extensive Knowledge - With 20+ years of experiences working with and supporting thousands of organizations, from startups to multi-billion dollar hospitals and universities, the Give Back Nation Team leverages the many successes and failures it has seen to increase efficiency and expedite success for others.


Impact Coaching & Support - To help maximize the fundraising ecosystem, Give Back Nation provides unlimited coaching, strategy and feedback and specific, customized hands-on support leveraging thousands of experiences to help organizations elevate their operations, initiatives, fundraising and impact to the next level.


Strategy Development - To help organizations reach goals and maximize opportunities and outcomes, Give Back Nation provides strategic planning for short-term and long-term growth.


Implementation - After seeing too many organizations invest money into fundraising technology, tools and solutions they didn't fully utilize for weeks, months or even years, Give Back Nation developed full setup and concierge implementation programs with initial management and administration included to allow organizations to minimize time and staff needed, while expediting and maximizing use, efficiency, and effectiveness for immediate and long-term fundraising success.


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Summary Of Solutions:

Online Giving • Mobile Giving
Text Giving • Text Marketing
Giving Kiosks • Recurring Donations
Event Registration • Event Management
Event Production • Event Strategy
Social Fundraising • Peer-To-Peer Fundraising
Crowdfunding • Social Sharing
Social Media Marketing • Web Marketing
Marketing Strategy • Web Design
Organizational Analysis • Printing & Direct Mail
Board Engagement • Organizational Alignment
Planned Giving Implementation
Grant Writing & Research • 501(c)(3) Setup
Strategic Planning • Donor Management
Donor Cultivation • Accounting Software
Ongoing Coaching & Support • Workplace Giving
Wealth Screening • Online & Onsite Auctions 
Awareness & Store Fundraising Products
Employer Matching Gifts • SEO
Year-End & Capital Campaigns
And Much More



Our Leadership:

Kyle Gregory pic

Kyle C. Gregory, ChCCA - CEO, Co-Founder and Chief GB Coach

Prior to co-founding Give Back Nation, Kyle Gregory held management positions with UPS, Lowes and The Bank of New York Mellon. From 2006, using his vast array of management experience and dedication to “giving back”, Kyle, his father, Nick, and several other entrepreneurial philanthropists spent more than five years in planning the launch of Give Back Nation. In 2010, leveraging his Give Back Nation experiences helping hundreds of nonprofit organizations increase and maximize their marketing, exposure and impact, Kyle developed and founded his first marketing firm, which evolved into Compete Smart Marketing; a national resource serving organizations and professionals with vetted tools, knowledge, coaching, strategy and implementation to maximize marketing efficiency, improve marketing exposure, increase revenue and grow brands. In 2016, he founded COMPETE Nation, providing opportunities for those with a passion to COMPETE and give back.

Kyle’s mission is to help great causes expand their impact while creating a “circle of winning” within communities across the nation. Kyle received his bachelors degree in Business Management from the University of Central Florida and is a member of The Charitable Capital Institute.


Nicholas Gregory pic

Nicholas L. Gregory, ChFE , CEBA, ChCCA - Board Chairman and Senior GB Coach

Nicholas L. Gregory is also President and CEO of The Financial Engineering Institute, LLC; the governing body and grantor of the professional designation, Chartered Financial Engineer. He is dedicated to providing quality financial education, training, marketing, coaching and advanced case design for the financial services, accounting, legal and non-profit communities. Mr. Gregory is also President of The Charitable Capital Design Center, LLC, an organization which assists both financial professionals and charitable organizations in enhancing their planned giving capabilities. In 2020, his firm’s 34 licensed offices across the country and over 4,700 participated financial advisors, accountants and attorneys were directly involved in more than $1.8 billion in planned gifts; benefiting both their clients and over 400 selected nonprofits. Nick, his son, Kyle, and several other entrepreneurial philanthropists are using their past experiences and successes to make Give Back Nation the number one resource for giving and fundraising support in the country.


Adam Weston - Technology Director

Adam Weston oversees all internet and technology activities. Adam is also founder and President of Westech, a technology consulting company. He holds an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering from ITT Technical Institute. He is also the Technology Manager for The Financial Engineering Institute, LLC and The Charitable Capital Design Center, LLC.


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Give Back Nation
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
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