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Tips For 2020 Year-End Giving Campaigns

Tips For Year-End Giving Campaigns

2020 has been a unique year, but Year End Fundraising is still a huge opportunity to raise funds for impactful causes. 

Even though there are only a few weeks left to maximize opportunities, there is still time to implement a year-end campaign. With over 30% of annual giving happening in December, don't miss out!

Below are tips:


1. Be Specific 

Your supporters will respond best to a specific, tangible initiative or opportunity. Help them 'see' how their specific support in December will make an impact.

2. Be Clear

When explaining your year-end appeal, make sure it's easy to understand for the general public; leaving out 'insider language'. Put yourself in the minds of your supporters and clearly communicate what their support will do for your organization.


3. Your Title Helps Tell The Story

Your campaign title can help explain what your supporters are supporting. Keep it short, but don't be too generic, like '2020 Year-End Campaign'. Use your campaign title to help connect the campaign with its specific impact.

4. Set A Clear Goal

Your campaign goal should be realistic, but also ambitious. Showcase progress with thermometers to help create urgency. Keep your supporters informed and updated through multiple touches. 


5. Email & Social Media Frequency

Engaging with your supporters and followers is important, but you don't want to overwhelm them. Use 'launch' communication in the beginning and then simple 'updates' to keep them informed of progress. 

Weekly emails, then 2-3 the last week of December is recommended. Social posts can be 3-5 per week. Appeals pared with an impact story help remind supporters why they are giving.


6. Make The Ask

Emails and social posts help, but they are passive touches. With the pandemic halting in-person events and meetings, phone calls, personal emails and text messages are another level of personal interaction that can dramatically increase success. 

Be bold, be brave and it's amazing what can happen. 


As always, the Give Back Nation team is here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out regarding quickly implementing a year-end campaign or anything else to help maximize your fundraising ecosystem


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