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Text Giving Solution Removes Fundraising Barriers


As part of the Give Back Nation GivingPortal Program, text giving makes it easy for donors to give any amount, any time and at any place without any hassle.

Give Back Nation Text Giving Solution

When coaching and supporting organizations and initiatives across the country, one of the first things we look at overcoming are barriers for support. There should be no reason why someone can't support organizations or initiatives at any time or place. Online fundraising portals and donate buttons can help minimize location based barriers created by cash or check donations, but the right text giving solution can essentially eliminate them.

No Limits

Traditionally, many different text giving solutions limit a gift to $10 by processing the transaction through the donors mobile phone provider. This not only limits the size of the donation, but also increases the processing fees and decreases the amount the organization or initiative ultimately receives. Through our text giving solution, donors have no limit to the amount they can give. Because of this, the average text giving gift is currently over $98.  

Recurring Option

Recurring donations can be a lifesaver; providing funding the organization or initiative can plan around and expect. Not knowing if funding is coming can be incredibly stressful and detrimental to an organization. Having recurring donation functionality and selections allow our text giving solution to better serve the organization or initiative.

No Wait

Having to wait weeks or even months for the funds to hit an organizations or initiatives bank account can be frustrating. Our solution sends funds via direct deposit in a matter of days; limiting cash flow issues that can slow down impact.

No Extra Fees

Many traditional text giving solutions charge extra fees; dramatically decreasing the impact of the gift. Our text giving solution has no extra fees, no limit on how many donations can be processed and no limit on the number of keywords organizations can leverage.

 Give Back Nation Text Giving Solution

As technology continues to advance, Give Back Nation continues to search, vet and select the most efficient and effective tools and programs to better serve nonprofits, businesses and Giving Americans across the country.

We look forward to seeing how we can help. Please let us know of any questions. 


Kyle Gregory, CEO/Co-Founder, Give Back Nation


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