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Moving Forward During The Pandemic

Nonprofits moving forward during the pandemic


As a nonprofit that serves and supports 510+ other nonprofits across the country, Give Back Nation has seen and heard a lot over the last few months. Below are successful actions nonprofit organizations are taking to keep advancing and moving forward.


Leveraging Online & Virtual Fundraising

With social distancing practices in place, events and in-person meetings are scarce. Through constantly advancing technology solutions, remotely connecting and engaging with supporters is easier than ever. Video conferencing, auto-generated email drip campaigns and outbound text messaging help remove barriers to connect, while dynamic online fundraising platforms with tools like peer-to-peer fundraising, text giving and online auctions remove barriers to give. Combined, it is easier than ever to efficiently raise funds. We have seen Galas, Auctions and 5k's go completely virtual and new 'Bridge The COVID Gap' peer-to-peer campaigns get setup and launched in days. As always, storytelling and showcasing impact are key, but the right vetted technology paired with the right implementation and execution can create long-term success. Contact us to learn more.


Maximizing Past Donations - Going After Low Hanging Fruit

Billions of dollars are left sitting in corporate matching gift programs each year. Many employees are simply not aware their employers have programs or are not reminded of them during the giving process. A vetted and trusted technology solution like HEPdata can screen lists of past offline (cash, checks) and online donations to highlight corporate matching gift opportunities, then provide the turnkey, automated assistance to convert and finalize the additional donations. HEPdata's solutions can also be embedded seamlessly into online giving portals and gift processing systems so donors are reminded of their corporate matching gift programs during the giving process, then efficiently guided through the finalization process. Leveraging corporate matching gifts to double donations has never been easier.


Organizing Data

Organized donor and supporter data fuels engagement, which fuels long-term fundraising, growth and impact of a nonprofit. Many organizations do not invest enough time into something so critical to overall success. A vetted customer relationship system (CRM) like Donor Perfect, which is built specifically for nonprofits, can provide the tools needed to efficiently and effectively manage donor data to raise more money. Dynamic reporting and analytics tools can analyze results, uncover hidden trends, refine solicitation activities and develop strategies to improve fundraising efforts. Creating lists and adding notes in Excel can get an organization by for a little while, but leveraging a dedicated solution like Donor Perfect can help fuel long-term organizational success.


Reevaluating Donors

Leaving potential donor dollars on the table is a constant fear. The more organizations and their development teams know about a donor's capacity and inclination to give, the better. A vetted, trusted donor research solution like iWave can screen donor lists and provide valuable insights that can make a huge impact on fundraising, especially in times like these. They can allow nonprofits to customize screening parameters according to their organization’s strategy and goals. Organizations can review and segment results based on propensity, affinity, and capacity scores, then validate the results of top prospects by reviewing records used to generate the scores and ratings. Profiles can be easily created for top prospects identified and verified, then used to generate a data-driven ask amount and build a deeper relationship with the prospective donor. The result is actionable screening analytics that can be validated, modified and refreshed at any time to allow organizations to fundraise with confidence.




Each year, Give Back Nation dedicates hundreds of hours vetting technology, researching fundraising successes and failures and evolving best practices to better serve and support organizations.

Give Back Nation is here to help answer questions, recommend vetted solutions, provide implementation support and empower nonprofit organizations to move forward and keep advancing their causes.

Kyle Gregory, CEO/Co-Founder



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