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Grant Writing In Times Of Crisis

Grant writing in times of crisis

In these unprecedented times, most nonprofits are looking for strategies to raise funds for their critical missions and keep their staff employed. Leaders are wondering where grant proposals fit into their strategies.

Last week,  Pathways to Growth’s President Julé Colvin partnered with the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay to offer this free one-hour webinar to help nonprofits take key steps as they move forward with grant seeking during these difficult times. 

The link below will take you directly to the webinar and also provide resources mentioned:

Pathways To Growth is a vetted and trusted national partner of Give Back Nation. To learn more about how their team of expert grant writers could help your nonprofit find and win grant funding during these challenging times, contact

As always, Give Back Nation is here to help you think through opportunities and next steps to keep advancing your cause.

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