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Aim For Your Biggest Grant Wins Yet in 2020

 Aim for Your Biggest Grant Wins Yet in 2020


Contributed by: Jule Colvin, Pathways to Growth


As the final quarter of the year is officially upon us, the time for reflection about the past year and planning for the next year has again arrived for nonprofit leaders.  While there are thousands of nonprofits with a wide variety of missions across the U.S., they all have one thing in common – they must compete for a limited number of dollars.  One of the main areas of competition is for grant dollars from foundations and government entities.  If you are like most nonprofit leaders you are asking yourself:  How can we improve our grant proposals? Win more grants? Find more potential funders? Be certain we are ready for the myriad of requirements from funders? Not miss grant deadlines?And many more!


Our professional grant writing team at Pathways to Growth/Grant Pathways has a wealth of experience helping hundreds of nonprofits win grants over the past 30 plus years.  We have pulled together Three Top Tips below to help you answer these questions as you and your team move into 2020.

  1. The competition for winning grants is fierce. New nonprofits continue to sprout up and funders become savvier with their giving each year.  Make sure you are what our team refers to as “grant ready” before you send that first proposal.  Making sure your organization can stand up to the rigors of grant seeking, winning and management is the first essential key to winning grants.  Areas of major importance include audits, organizational and program budgets, measurable outcomes that match the funders’ interests, a board that financially supports the organization and reflects the community you serve,strong collaborations and the ability to present relevant and meaningful data about your organization’s impact.
  2. You can write the best grant proposal in the world, but if it isn’t submitted to the right funder, it will not make the cut. Conducting in-depth research to find your “sweet spot” funders is paramount to winning grants.  Otherwise, you are wasting your organization’s time chasing grants and the funders’ time reviewing proposals that are not a good fit.  We recommend you use the highest level of subscription for the Foundation Center for your research along with checking funder websites and a variety of other funding database resources.  When you conduct your research you need to dig deep into each funder to determine if they are a strong match.  Be sure they have a history of giving in your geographic area and be certain they are interested in your specific request (i.e. program, capital, general operating).  You might be a good match with your area of focus, but you won’t be funded if you ask for something they do not fund.  Professional grant research is a tedious task that must be approached carefully for the best results.
  3. Compelling proposals that reach funders’ minds and hearts are more likely to reach their wallets. Grant writing is both an art and a science that is crafted best by professionals with years of experience.  Just as in most other professions, great grant writers aren’t born, they are made.  And that development most often takes place while writing for more than one nonprofit to a wide variety of funders.  While the steps to grant writing can be taught, it most often takes years of experience to obtain the skill to craft a really great grant proposal that is not only an example of excellent writing, but that reflects the needs and desires of the grant funder while succinctly communicating the critical work of the nonprofit.  If your nonprofit is new to grant writing, please take heed, the last thing you want to do is submit a subpar proposal.  As always, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Funders talk to each other and they tend to have long memories.  Be sure your grant writer has experience not only writing, but winning grants.


As you reflect upon your next steps for more grant wins in 2020, we encourage you to take advantage of a complimentary call with P2G’s leadership.  Our clients both big and small have found our services help them to win more grants, locate potential new funders, submit excellent professional proposals, bring a fresh perspective from seasoned nonprofit professionals, and ensure that grant opportunities are not missed….all at a cost well below a staff grant writer.  Our team collectively represents over 100 years of experience.  We are passionate about helping our clients reach their 2020 vision!

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