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Planning Your Giving Season To Target Generational Giving Patterns

Give Back Nation Article On Generational Giving Patterns
An Expert Sourcing Partner Article on how targeting specific generations can impact the most generous season of the year.

Maximize Year-End Fundraising Opportunities

Maximize Year End Fundraising
Give Back Nation compiled a list of a few key elements and things to keep in mind that can help maximize and fuel a highly successful year-end fundraising campaign.

Creating An Engaged Board

Creating An Engaged Nonprofit Board
An Expert Sourcing Partner Article on how to get board members more involved with your organization.

Cryptocurrency And The Nonprofit Sector

Cryptocurrency and the Nonprofit Sector
An Expert Sourcing Partner Article on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency sector of the economy.

Grant Writing Is A Team Sport

Grant Writing Is A Team Sport Article
An Expert Sourcing Partner Article on how a team effort can successfully impact grant proposals.

Year-End Giving Statistics Nonprofits Should Know

Give Back Nation Year-End Giving Statistics Nonprofits Should Know
Looking at the statistics, year-end giving is a great opportunity that every nonprofit should plan for accordingly to maximize impact for their cause.

Does Your Organization Have A Living Strategic Plan?

Does Your Organization Have A Living Strategic Plan?
An Expert Sourcing Partner Article regarding ways to make your Strategic Plan an active part of your organization.

Grant Writing - Getting Your Ducks In A Row

Give Back Nation Partner Pathways to Growth Grant Article
An Expert Sourcing Partner Article regarding the importance of preparation when writing a grant.

Text Giving Solution Removes Fundraising Barriers

Give Back Nation Text Giving Solution
As part of the Give Back Nation GivingPortal Program, text giving makes it easy for donors to give any amount, any time and at any place without any hassle.