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Give Back Nation Announces Causecast Partnership



Give Back Nation Announces Causecast Partnership
Giving & Fundraising Hub selects Workplace Giving & Volunteering solution


Orlando, FL – After vetting and reviewing platforms across the country, Give Back Nation, your Giving & Fundraising Hub and national 501(c)(3) community foundation, has selected Causecast as its Expert Sourcing Partner for Workplace Giving & Volunteering.

Headquartered in Burbank, CA, Causecast facilitated over $6MM USD in corporate donations and helped manage and track over 400,000 volunteering hours to global charitable causes in 2017 alone; enhancing the operations for nonprofit organizations around the world through its giving and volunteering technology platforms. Combining fun, smart, easy-to-use technology solutions with unparalleled customer service and support, Causecast helps leading brands attract, retain and inspire employees and customers, while driving lasting change through meaningful cause engagement. They offer a simple, streamlined experience that helps companies maximize their community investments sooner and realize significant gains in employee participation rates over other methodologies.

“We are excited about exposing and leveraging the powerful tools and solutions Causecast provides for employers, employees and the causes they care about,” said Kyle Gregory, President and Co-Founder of Give Back Nation. “The ease of use, dynamic options and custom-design capabilities allow companies to efficiently make an impact while building a socially responsible workplace, improving culture and differentiating their brand.”

“By partnering with Give Back Nation, we look forward to helping more changemakers effect a lasting social impact while creating irresistible workplace experiences,” said Laura Plato, Causecast President & COO. “We believe the lifeblood of companies is cause and we are intent on building the best solutions available to unite nonprofits and businesses; empowering individuals and companies to deliver on monumental social change goals and initiatives.”

Give Back Nation recommends Causecast to any organization looking to efficiently implement, organize and manage workplace giving and volunteering. The dynamic platform includes tools that support payroll deductions, matching donations, employee-led fundraisers, individual and team volunteering, StoryCapture and photo sharing to collect content for marketing, PR, and recruiting and advanced reporting features.


About Give Back Nation

Headquartered in Tampa, FL, Give Back Nation is your one-stop Giving & Fundraising Hub and national 501(c)(3) community foundation creating bigger waves of giving, fundraising and exposure across the country. In 2017 alone, GBN and its partners helped give back over $326 million and helped generate over $1.6 billion in planned gifts. With nearly 40 years of industry knowledge, GBN serves and supports motivated nonprofits, forward-thinking businesses, top-tier financial advisors, passionate celebrities, impactful professional athletes and Giving Americans with an arsenal of tools, knowledge, coaching and strategy. Founded to serve and efficiently connect all aspects of the fundraising ecosystem, organizations and individuals receive hands-on coaching, training and customizable access to online and on-site fundraising tools, grant writing, event management, donor management, workplace giving, donor advised funds, gift annuities and many more solutions. Learn more at


About Causecast

Headquartered in Burbank, CA, Causecast provides giving and volunteering technology solutions that help companies reach the highest levels of employee engagement and social impact. In contrast to the sluggish, forms-based, top-down approach taken by legacy giving and volunteering systems providers, Causecast helps companies build high-impact employee-led programs that are globally meaningful, locally relevant, and easy to manage – for a far lower total cost of ownership. They believe providing companies with easy-to-use ways to engage employees alongside one another in giving and volunteering activities is essential to creating lasting social change and reaping the benefits of employee engagement. Causecast recognizes engagement is not an end in itself, but a means to achieving better results for people, business and community. Learn more at


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