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Together, Everyone Achieves More

Center for Social Change Team

At the Center for Social Change in Miami, we believe we have an opportunity every day to be of service to those who are supporting our community. The Center serves over 80 local nonprofit organizations and community activists with our vibrant coworking, office and event space and unique programs. In addition to serving our nonprofit members, we work with many community organizations and leaders who utilize our warm, welcoming space to host their events and meetings.

The Center was born out of the generosity of our affiliate Charity Services Centers (CSC), which has established a unique model of partnering with over 200 community banks and nonprofits around the country. William Burdette, the founder of both the Center and CSC, is a model Everyday Philanthropist. He is committed to wanting the best for our community (micro and macro). He has instilled in our members, staff and partners the importance of compassion and collaboration and this sets the tone for our work every day.

We pride ourselves on our values and approach. We see ourselves as a nest in which we nurture the unique capabilities of individual members and organizations. Cooperation and collaboration are our primary objectives and they happen organically daily because each person/organization understands that “Together, Everyone Achieves More” (note that there is no “I’ in TEAM).

Center for Social Change Events

The Center also fosters the well-being and wellness of our staff and members. We believe that nonprofit leaders must be happy and healthy in order to save the world and carry out their mission-critical work. Through our wellness program, we offer educational opportunities to support our community in personally growing and developing. Members and staff can participate on a regular basis in meditation, fitness, Lunch & Learn classes, and bodywork.

As Everyday Philanthropists, we believe good can be done every day. Together, we are part of a global movement of social innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating systemic solutions to the world's most critical problems. We believe that our planet's seemingly insurmountable problems can be solved if everyone commits to being the solution and we work collaboratively to innovate and create lasting, meaningful change. With affordable workspace options, meeting spaces, and access to events and educational opportunities, we provide a community of support in which to work, connect, innovate, and learn.

The Center for Social Change, Everyday Philanthropists, Miami, FL 


C4SC members and staff develop their own community initiatives, contribute time to community projects and participate in local events to grow our network and build collaborative relationships.


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