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From Client To Executive Director

Give Back Nation Vickie Martin From Client To Executive Director

I know what it feels like to be in a desperate and anxious place and what it takes to get out.  Twenty years ago, I walked through the doors of Christian HELP as a client. Today, I am honored to represent Christian HELP as the Executive Director. I have the unique opportunity to rally for folks who are in the same situation I was in twenty years ago. 

I believe it takes more than just a job. It takes accountability and someone encouraging you, bringing out the best in you and helping you make good decisions repeatedly.  That is why I like our holistic approach to a family’s situation. We want to teach a job seeker how to get and keep a job, but we also want to care for them and provide even more resources. It is difficult to talk about their job needs if they can’t provide dinner for their family or are so broken emotionally they have trouble thinking straight.

At Christian HELP, we take a personal approach, as well as a practical one. We strive to empower people and treat them with dignity and respect while delivering truth in love with our services.

I think I am so passionate about the work we do because I believe every life has value and I want to be a part of something that propels people forward and brings them joy. The collaboration we do in the writing of people’s stories does just that.

Vickie Martin, Everyday Philanthropist & Executive Director of Christian HELP, Orlando, FL


Christian HELP Employment & Resource Center is a 26-year-old non-profit whose mission is to prevent homelessness by helping people find jobs while also providing for them materially and spiritually.


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