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Everyday Philanthropist Blog Launch

Give Back Nation Everyday Philanthropist Blog Launch

The Give Back Nation Everyday Philanthropist Blog gives everyday people an opportunity to share how they give back to impact their communities and inspire others. Many associate the term 'philanthropy' with wealthy individuals donating money, but being a philanthropist is something available to anyone and everyone. Centering around the desire to promote the welfare of others, volunteering, mentoring and so much more can make us all everyday philanthropists.

By sharing stories, experiences and passions, we fuel idea generation, promote discussions, influence change and inspire others to think about how they can give back to impact others and their communities. 

If you would like to share your story of being an everyday philanthropist, call us at 888.894.7261 or email us at

Expose your initiatives while inspiring others to create bigger waves of giving and impact.

Kyle Gregory, Everyday Philanthropist & Founder, Give Back Nation, Orlando, Florida


To read more inspiring stories, visit the Everyday Philanthropist Blog.


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