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Charms As A Force For Good

Charity Charms Founder Kay McDonald

Charms have the power to tell a story, connect people in a meaningful way and build a legacy of love. My love for charms began as a child.  I was enamored with my grandmother’s charm bracelet, adorned with small treasures, each holding special significance that embodied the stories of her life.  I have that charm bracelet today and treasure it as a connection to my past and the inspiration for harnessing the power of charms as a force for good.

With over thirty years of experience in the retail and fashion industry, my close work with charities through retail give back events gave me insight into their needs and planted the seed of an idea as to how I could help them further.

Charities were always looking for new ways to engage supporters. Attractive wearable items that women would want to wear were not available. High quality items that nonprofits could give to donors and supporters to engage, recruit, and retain them were needed. Here was a need and a niche I could embrace and serve!

Charity Charms

By combining my expertise in fashion with my passion for philanthropy, I created Charity Charms; which are custom charms created from a charity’s logo. We attach the charms to all kinds of items (bracelets, keychains, necklaces, etc.) to create a meaningful, useful and branded item for charities to gift to their supporters. Their supporters love these high quality items and wear them with pride to show their support for the cause.

As an Everyday Philanthropist, I feel blessed to work with amazing nonprofits and important causes all over the world. It is truly my calling and I am so grateful in every way. 

Kay McDonald, Everyday Philanthropist & Founder of Charity Charms, Phoenix, AZ



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