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Together, Everyone Achieves More

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The Center for Social Change in Miami believes they have an opportunity every day to be of service to those who are supporting their community.

From Client To Executive Director

Everyday Philanthropist Vickie Martin
Twenty years ago, Vickie Martin walked through the doors of Christian HELP as a client. Today, she is honored to represent Christian HELP as the Executive Director.

A Career Dedicated To Giving Back

A Career Dedicated To Giving Back
From the time Jule Colvin was a young girl, she had a heightened awareness of injustice in the world and was always rooting for the underdog.

The Birth Of A Child Leads To A Different Career Path

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Michael Ashabraner left a career in the business field in 2016 to pursue a different path.

Everyday Philanthropist Blog Launch

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The Give Back Nation Everyday Philanthropist Blog gives everyday people a platform to share how they give back to impact their communities and inspire others.